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  There will be a page by page list of some of the best Social Networks on the Internet. All web links is from a google.com search or search Toptentogo yourself.

 As we grow more people will see that Toptentogo is much more then just another Ning Social Network. Ning has one of the best formats for creative people, and this is why we chose Ning.

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  Being creative is what brings to life your internet hopes, We are much more then you can see, unless you allow yourself to open your mind and reach into this Internet 3D World...



                                               Toptentogo's Little Guide Lines

#1; No sexual issues at all, one way or the other.

#2; No hate blogs, it will not be tolerated.

#3; This site for Toptentogo is to help other web site grow as we grow, I personally am burnt out on Political Issues, post them if you wish and just have clean fun and try not to get into the Government Official Bashing. Its kind of a burn out to the human mind.

#4; Just have fun and note that we do not ask for your email address, so if you get out of line, you will be removed. More guide lines will be added as we grow. Share your email address if you wish.

# 5; For site issues and problems with new guest email me at toptentogo@hotmail.com ...every day at 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm I am on line to help out the best I can.

# 6; You must use your name to join, and a true name with contact information, to sale here at Toptentogo.

updated rules-Discussion Forum Is Now Re-Opened

The last time the forum was opened, people started to fuss and fight, name calling and so on, I closed this Discussion Forum because I got emails for the fighting.

 At one time this site was close to 1000 members, many members were removed. I am busy, I work as often as I can, and I have 151 Sites across the USA...

updated rules.

1. No vulgarities, adult-content, obscenities, name-calling, character assassinations or mockery are allowed.

2. No personal attacks or flaming of any kind. You are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a member, please take it private and discuss via PM.

3. Please remember when chatting that all members of Toptentogo are welcome to chat here. Please keep this in mind when chatting and discussing topics.

4. Monitor decisions are final and are not open to debate. There are often behind the scenes details to which you are not privy. Certainly you can question or comment on a decision directly to a monitor via PM or to admin via email, but remember, it is not up for debate. We will not engage in a debate over decisions.

5. Discussing banned members is only allowed in the context of general discussion, but discussing the banning or reasons behind it are not allowed. Or Account Deleted.

6. Members who require excessive reminders of the rules or whose participation results in excessive need for monitor/admin attention may be banned from Toptentogo without warning.

7. Private Messages and/or e-mails that are exchanged privately, are not to be posted in Discussions, in Chat or in Private Message without consent of all parties involved. Discussions stemming from the topic of a Private Message or e-mailed conversation are fine, provided the above rules are followed.

8. Under NO circumstances are harassing, vulgar or threatening PM’s permitted. If you receive one, please take a screen shot of the message and forward it to a monitor or admin for review. If you are found to have sent one you will be banned.

9. Please respect other members. If you can't do that, put the member on your ignore list. Continual harassment can be grounds for banning.

10. Posting links to offensive material is not allowed under any circumstances.

11. Do not impersonate anyone. “Trolling” is grounds for an immediate ban from Toptentogo.

12. Please share your thoughts, opinions and feelings in a way that doesn’t require the use of curse words.

13. Remember that monitors are volunteers. It is impossible for them to be in chat every minute of every day. Please don’t assume that because action hasn’t been taken that something is ok. If you see activities that violate the Chat Room or Discussion Rules, please save a chat log, note the time of the violation and send any and all information to Toptentogo Admin.

14. No soliciting of children, And Under no circumstances will any soliciting be allowed.

SPAM- If you see spam on our site, report it! Our staff will remove it only when we can find it. Your help is needed.


Wikipedia defines "trolls" as "someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." Don't be baited by trolls. It's not worth your time. Simply put, "Please Don't Feed the Trolls." When you believe you are encountering a troll, simply let us know, and we'll investigate and take appropriate action.

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 When you sign up you will see this, our page looks like this

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Fill in the sign up form to read more;http://toptentogosocialnetwork.ning.com/profiles/blogs/notice-to-tw... 

 Our Index so you can find your way around, but if you get lost, in the group pages are a lot of News Up dates for you, most of the following are internal links for this site only....

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and please view Toptentogo's Spam Bouncer page also...

Sharing The RTR.Org. Web Site

Social Networking is a interface program, its a long and hard process to take the time to build a Social network.  RTR.Org, is a cool site to join, and with a lot of nice people. Just people who… 

The Tea Party At TellMyGov

Tell MY Gov is fast becoming a site to trust, and the boss there will join in, a rare thing in today's times. Most people don't have time but Boris takes the time.  http://tellmygov.com/videos/t

Bring The Tea Party Patriots / On Line

Join me on Tea Party Patriots Official Home of the American Tea Party Movement Henry Massingale has: 39 friends 1 photo 259 discussions 12 blog posts Come join me on Tea Party… 

 As for group ideas, build your own or join in my little idea, and here is just a few ideas, and what your group can look like.

Toptentogo's Social Networking

Toptentogo's Social Networking

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 21

Toptentogo's Social Networking, and how we intend to bring it to life.

 We have a sale concept not see at all within the Net. When you join…

Up Dates by Military.com

04 Jun 2012 GI BILL BUDDY FINDER DISCOUNTS VET CAREERS SUBSCRIBE ME Removed After NKorea Espionage Remarks The commander… 

Pleased To Bring You Do Something a Social Network

Tomorrow We're Streaming Live from our NYC Boot Camp!  With just an internet connection YOU can nowparticipate in how-to sessions on starting and manag… 

News Update by Defenders

Hi, just a reminder if you have an interest inDefendernetwork.com. Don't forget to add HoustonDefender@defendermediagroup.com&nb your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox!  … 

News Up Dates By Common Dreams

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News Up Dates From Twitter

We wish to welcome all the twitter fans and Twitter, to Toptentogo's Social Network, bring you the best Top Ten To Go News Stories on line. We recommend you use only your own Twitter Link, trust only… Edit »

Just Got To Love You Tube

 You Tube, one of the hottest shares in the USA....   HenryMassingale has shared a video with you on YouTube: new world order is the endgame, says glenn beck http://me… 

Bring On Line Ning Creators / A Social Network

A digest of discussions, blog posts, and interesting things found along the way in the past week.  OutThe great outdoors NEWS F… 

Democrat Social Network

Democrat Social Network

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 29

What is the Democrat Party About ? 

The following web link is from Google.…

Social Network

Social Network

1 memberLatest Activity: May 2

This group is brought to you be Time Life.


Social Network is a internet based forum, and with in this Networking is a…

The Matrix Internet Revolution

The Matrix Internet Revolution

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 28

Photo is from a Google.com search for the movie, The Matrix.

The riddle of the spoon that I us so often within the Matrix Of The…

Entertainment & Arts

Entertainment & Arts

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 21

This page will be updated, you may help or build your own site and links.


This photo is from Link Share, and what better…

Republican Social Network

Republican Social Network

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 29

Republican Social Network and what its about.

 From a Google web search,…

Tea Party Social Network

Tea Party Social Network

1 memberLatest Activity: Apr 29

The Tea Party and what it is about...

Waving USA FLag

The following are Google Web Links...

Henry Massingale - TellMyGov Blogs - TellMyGov - Welcome to ...



Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Will Return Our Medals in Protest of ...

Started by Henry Massingale May 13.

A News Up Date for you, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Will Return Our Medals in Protest of the NATO Summit. Dear…

Tea Party Agenda / Murder Of United States Military Personal

Started by Henry Massingale May 11.

 The murder of USA Military Personal, by Afghan Police, is a News Story, and its is a interface of our world of the truth of how the Afghan War will never be won. As long as the Heroin Plantations…


International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire

Started by Henry Massingale Apr 22.


The Early Brief by Military.Com

Started by Henry Massingale Apr 19.

 Today's email for me was a shocker, so its about time for me to share where I get a lot of information. Join the Military.com, and see a world not seen by a lot of you.…

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